Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Fun Week 8

This week was kind of a bust! A lot of things didn't quite work out and one day we were way to busy for a project!

I tried to make an ice necklace out of the following (I am going to try this again next week because I am determined to make this work!!):

Bowling (except I didn't call ahead and there were no open lanes so we ended up playing these toy machines and going home):

Playdate with friends at the park, a nice impromptu day at the park!

Zoo (to "meet" the new baby tigers and they are SO cute):

I had a hard time getting a picture but if you look really close its above Jaden's right shoulder :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Fun Week 7

We had a busy week last week so we did very easy activities from our Summer Fun Container..and I am a bad blogger because I didn't take any pictures! But here is what we did last week:

Star Trick: We turned broken toothpicks into a star! Not from our summer fun container lol. I saw this at How Does She and couldn't resist seeing if this works (and it does, my son thought it was hilarious)!

Blueberry ice cubes-We dropped one or two blueberries into an ice cube tray, added water, and froze. My son loves using the blueberry ice cubes in his water and eating the frozen blueberry when it melts!

Board Games at the Park-This was an activity that was already set up at the park and Jaden had so much fun playing board games with the other kids. Then we played in the park and had lunch!

Sprinkler-Always fun and easy activity!

Play-Doh-Another fun and easy thing to do. Jaden will play with Play-Doh for hours :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scrap Table-Sorta Organized

Since I had SO much fun doing my 10 in 10 with The Shabby Chic Cottage I decided to try Clean Mama's Summer Declutter Workshop at Crazy Domestic!

I printed out the wonderful free printable and picked four spots in my house! I am two weeks behind though but I choose to work on the hardest one first. My scrapbook space is the most cluttered space in my house! I am so embarressed to even share these pictures but here is the before:

Eeeeek that is so terrible :( I emptied out the entire space:

Then I sorted, tossed, put aside for selling on CL, AND grouped:

Its still not perfect because I don't have the funds to replace my scrapbooks that have broken bindings (laying across the top). I also would like to get a nice shelf that I can display my finished scrapbooks on....someday (which means someday I will have a finished scrapbook AND a nice shelf lol)! Also I had two floating shelfs to hang above my table to display pictures but I couldn't get them hung up secure enough so I just hung the photos on the wall. Eventually I also want to get some letters or vinyl to spell out CREATE!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Fun Week 6

The Beach at Low Tide (SO much fun to discover the marine life):

Indoor Bowling: No pictures because we were still in our jammies :) We just took a bunch of empty bottles, lined them up, and knocked em down with a ball!

Grass Growing (I got this fun thing at walgreens! You just water it and grass grows):

After 5 days:

Free Concert in the Park:

Wading Pool:

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun Week 5

Obstacle Course: We put together some obstacle courses throughout the house and took turns going through them!

Make Popsicles (white grape juice + grapes=easy and delicious):

Water Balloon Fight (so fun!):


Sprinkler Fun!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Times Up!

I almost finished my 10 in 10! It was a nice motivation for me though and I did get quite a bit done:
1.) Finish 4th of July hostess gift bag-done

2.) Paint/decorate mini wooden bags-almost done

3.) Clean out refrigerator-YEAH RIGHT :)

4.) Make the sand/shells vases for bathroom-done

5.) Organize shoe rack-done

6.) Organize pictures for picture wall-Got one framed lol

7.) Get cookie cutters together and find a place to store-done

8.) Bring bag to goodwill to donate-done

9.) Go through/clean/organize outdoor toys-Blech...this one may be done by the end of summer lol

10.) Make summer "grab n go" bag-done

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Fun Week 4

Painting Marshmallows (mix food coloring with milk):

Our patriotic Marshmallow lol

Masks (using paper plate, crayon, pipe cleaners, and a stick):

Nature Bracelet was so fun, wrap a piece of tape (sticky side up) around wrist and attach things you find on a nature walk!:

Make/decorate a cake:

Library Story Time-No pictures from this but we had a lot of fun at the library for a free story time, followed by a craft, and snack!


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