Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scrap Table-Sorta Organized

Since I had SO much fun doing my 10 in 10 with The Shabby Chic Cottage I decided to try Clean Mama's Summer Declutter Workshop at Crazy Domestic!

I printed out the wonderful free printable and picked four spots in my house! I am two weeks behind though but I choose to work on the hardest one first. My scrapbook space is the most cluttered space in my house! I am so embarressed to even share these pictures but here is the before:

Eeeeek that is so terrible :( I emptied out the entire space:

Then I sorted, tossed, put aside for selling on CL, AND grouped:

Its still not perfect because I don't have the funds to replace my scrapbooks that have broken bindings (laying across the top). I also would like to get a nice shelf that I can display my finished scrapbooks on....someday (which means someday I will have a finished scrapbook AND a nice shelf lol)! Also I had two floating shelfs to hang above my table to display pictures but I couldn't get them hung up secure enough so I just hung the photos on the wall. Eventually I also want to get some letters or vinyl to spell out CREATE!

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  1. great job, honey!! It looks very organized now. You should see my mess of a craft room. lol

  2. It looks so much better now and so much more organized. You have some great ideas for the space. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday.



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