Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Altered 6X6 Scrapbook

I have decided to make my friend a scrapbook of her wedding (from September) for her birthday this month. I found a nice green color 6X6 scrapbook but wanted to add something to the front. I got these frames at walmart a few years ago and decided to figure out how to put them together!

I pulled the back off the frame, modge podged some scrapbook paper on the frame, and modge podged the picture and frame to the front of the scrapbook!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paint Can Action Figure Organization

I was searching online for ideas for organizing boys toys and I found an article about different tubs and buckets for storage. I loved the idea of using empty paint cans to store little action figures. I got three empty/clean cans at home depot. I decided to try chalkboard paint for the first time too!

So I taped off little squares:


And the final product! They turned out really cute and best of all Jaden loves to dump them and fill them up! They hold a ton of little guys too!

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