Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Fun Week 3

Sand Box (not as big of a hit as the rice box):

Bug Safari-I wish I could remember which blog I saw this on but it was the cutest idea! I drew little pictures of bugs and then we went on a walk to find each one:

Spoon Puppets (we had so much fun playing with these spoons, I was the mama spoon and he was the baby spoon lol) What an easy and fun project!:

Feed the Ducks (Actually just look at ducks because we weren't allowed to feed them lol):

Lowe's Build and Grow, SO fun! We built a monster truck:

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  1. Hi Beth-

    Thanks for leaving the nice comment. Looking through your posts I am sure your little guy is going to be one very ingenious guy. McGyver is coming to mind. He is so cute and looks like he is really enjoying himself.



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