Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paint Can Action Figure Organization

I was searching online for ideas for organizing boys toys and I found an article about different tubs and buckets for storage. I loved the idea of using empty paint cans to store little action figures. I got three empty/clean cans at home depot. I decided to try chalkboard paint for the first time too!

So I taped off little squares:


And the final product! They turned out really cute and best of all Jaden loves to dump them and fill them up! They hold a ton of little guys too!

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  1. That is a great idea! Totally boy proof and with as much paint as I have around here. I can make plenty of those. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They turned out great! My little guy loves Star Wars too.

  3. What a great idea!

    Thanks for linking up with What are little boys made of?

  4. Oh I just love this idea! Thank you! I'm going to use it for my office AND my grandkids playroom... Putting each childs name on a can! Yours came out fantastic!


  5. Hi there. I'd love to write a brief post on this on Ohdeedoh tomorrow at 4pm. I'll link back to you of course. Please let me know if it's a problem. Julia, Editor, Ohdeedoh

  6. Oh- you can email me if it is a problem at julia@apartmenttherapy.com.

  7. Those are super cool. Perfect for a boys room. Great job.

  8. Those look perfect for a boys room. What a terrific idea. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday. Hope to see you again next time. Have a beautiful weekend.



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